Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Their Baby Wrote Them a Letter II

Hi Guys,

Tomorrow, I will begin my day at 7:30 at Westminster Abbey for Matins. That will be closely followed by the Changing of the Guard. I will proceed to Borough Market where I will eat lunch and buy lunch (and eat it standing up). I will wrap up the scheduled day as a groundling on the floor of Shakespeare's Globe theater for a performance of Dr. Faustus. Afterwards, I'll meet up with David Hornbeck and we'll see what the rest of the day will hold! It'll be a good one.

It's been very successful. I've been places I've wanted to go. Done things I've wanted to do. Read a lot. Slept a decent amount. And, in all that, I've been able to maintain some form of abstinence! With thirty pounds to spread over the next day! I'm a good full and it's very happy. 

I'm really ready to get back. Brandon's cooking for me on Thursday and then mom'll be around for the weekend. Never fear! Mom is here! I feel like me traveling alone is like me eating squash. As you'll recall, I ate squash everyday my first couple of weeks of program because it's what I knew how to cook. Eventually I got so sick of squash that I had to stop eating it completely. Every once in a while, I'll commit it again, thinking I may have gotten over it, only to realize, come dinner time, that I still hate squash. I'm so glad I'm not in China.

I'm ready to hug you soon! Y'all are the best ever!


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