Thursday, September 22, 2011

Their Baby Wrote Them a Letter

M and D,
Woops. I didn't see his burial site. I'm trying to develop a new place concept concerning why we go to the places where genius lived. Is it a matter of wanting to be likewise inspired ourselves or does it make us feel close to them to be walking around in their space? Keats' house was very sweet, but nothing special. And it was nice to walk around Stratford-upon-avon, but Anne Hathaway's house was a farmhouse. It's just something interesting to think about. It is good, though, to picture all these places I've heard about all of my life.
The 30th is fine. Brandon and I have dinner plans for that Friday night with another couple (Greg and Brittany. They were the couple that came by my apartment after the engagement party. Greg went to school with Brandon at OBU and they just moved into OKC), and the two of us had talked about going to get a massage on Saturday, but those are the only plans. Earlier today I was scratching at the cuticles on my feet and thought to myself "I need a pedicure." Then I thought we might go together and I was happy.
I think I'm losing weight. My engagement ring is getting lose. Or it may just be that I'm not bloated anymore. Or both. Probably both.
Without fail, everytime I get on off the tube to walk to a new hostel I get turned around. I hate the street signs here and the way that the name of the street changes every 100 meters or so. Today I actually got lost going to my hostel and two Jehovah's witness girls were walking by and offered to take me to my hostel. They were very sweet. They worked together to carry my backpack. It was probably only .2 miles away, but I don't know what I would have done without them.
I don't know what I'm going to do tomorrow. I might go to the British museum in the morning and to the library in the afternoon. I've started writing postcards and buying gifts. I don't know how long the post card thing will last, but it's good for now.
I'm tired. I'm so happy to be here, but I'll be very ready to get back. I thought to go to Brighton Saturday to stay with an FA fellow and eat a few square meals that don't just make me feel like I'm snacking (speaking of food, I had some strawberry grapes today. They're grapes with a strawberry twang and they're DELICIOUS!). I haven't heard from her yet so we'll see. If I don't hear from her by tomorrow afternoon, I'll shoot her another email and then just plan on maybe trying to make a day trip to the hundred acre wood.
Y'all are much loved.

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