Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Post On Which I Rhyme

A whole lot has happened
since I wrote last time
so I thought I'd catch you up
by writing a little rhyme.

On Friday I spent the day
wandering around the town
with my new friend Frank
who had only just come down

from Scotland earlier that day
but he's originally from Maryland.
I found Westminster, Parliament,
And Big Ben to be quite grand.

Saturday was a little rough
I didn't know where I'd sleep
I walked around some in the rain
But I didn't cry a peep.

I finally found a place to stay
And it's better than the place before
I'm glad it was so comfy, so of that
kind of lost I can do no more.

Today was the first real chill.
I felt it down to my bones
While I was walking through Regent's Park
Down to the museum's old stone.

There I saw the Rosetta one
And old grecian urns
and enough parts of the parthenon
to make my head do turns.

And then I paid my homage to Keats
The most romantic of all poets
He was brilliant in his young age
and he didn't even know its.

Then I went to church
to conclude a happy Sunday
tomorrow is coming up quick
and know it'll be a funday!

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