Friday, September 9, 2011

The Untitled Title

This evening I watched The Little Mermaid, cooked eggs, and put the first coat of "gloss ivory" on one of my dining room chairs (if you can really call it a dining room). 

And now I'm logging on the web ("web-logging" is what is is called, "blogging" if you're hip enough to go there). When really I have a wedding to plan, a book to write, a car to find, and a backpack to pack that's coming with me to England on Wednesday. However, I kept promising myself I would get these chairs done, and I think if I make a good practice of keeping the promises I make to myself, all of the above things will get done, too. 

Ya gotta have faith.  Good thing that's my middle name.

(Can you tell that the font's green?)

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