Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Not-Emo Post

The only category I can put the posts that I've begun and obliterated in is "emo." So here's how things are:

1. I've only partially packed. I've chosen the clothes I would like to take. The clean ones are either in my laundry bag or chaotically folded into crumbled piles on my bed (which I would like to crawl into and I'm not sure what to do with my crumpled piles).

2. I'll be in England within approximately 72 hours, and I have no idea where I'm going to go once I get off of the plane on Wednesday night (10:45 their time). What makes me not worried about all that is the fact that there are hostels every where in London, and I'm in full confidence that they speak English in England.

3. I saw two people in a restaurant yesterday that I knew from my past life at OCU, and I didn't want to say hello to either of them because I was scared. That's dumb. It's much better to look like an idiot to someone who doesn't remember me than to make someone who does remember me feel insignificant because I'm a pansy. I've been given too much good in my life to let fear stop me from loving people.

4. I wasn't able to wear my engagement ring yesterday because I have a rash on my left hand. It went away on all accounts except the area around ring so I took a ring break. I put it back on today because not wearing it felt really uncomfortable, and I'm treating it with hydrocortizone cream and intense lotion.


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